Content Marketing: a 2-Minute Introduction

Content marketing is the strategy of creating and distributing high-quality content that is highly useful or entertaining or both, in order to drive action that profits your business.

Why take this approach? It’s because you want your audience to like your brand, look forward to receiving messages from you and, ultimately, buy from you.

This approach is directly opposed to traditional marketing, which uses hard-sell tactics to push customers into buying products. Unfortunately, hard-sell marketing no longer works because audiences have gotten so used to tuning them out — they’ve essentially become deaf and blind to it.

With content marketing, your goal is to gain trust, establish authority in your niche, and build a relationship with your audience who will, hopefully, also become your customers.

Content is any piece of media that your company produces. This includes blog articles, YouTube videos, infographics, and social media posts.

Your content becomes valuable and relevant when it affects your audience’s lives in a positive way. For example, if you sell baking supplies, you could publish cookie recipes and provide baking tips for beginners.

Let’s say a baking hobbyist was searching on the Internet for a 17 x 14 inch baking pan. He stumbles upon your site and finds out that, besides the baking tool he needs, there are also lots of easy-to-follow recipes for chocolate chip cookies plus tips like using salt to give an extra flavor dimension to sweet treats.

Instantly, you make a positive impression on Mr. Baker because you gave him something of value completely free. Who doesn’t like that?

This practice of creating a positive experience for your audience comes with a slew of other benefits. If Mr. Baker is delighted enough with your articles, he might even share them with his friends on social media. You not only get free distribution — you also get extremely valuable word of mouth marketing. After all, wouldn’t you trust your friend over a business that’s trying to sell you something?

If you consistently produce high-quality content closely aligned to your audience’s needs and values, your audience will become loyal to your brand.

With traditional marketing, you are constantly selling. Your message is, “Buy this pan”. Any audience will easily get tired of that.

But with content marketing, your message is, “Hey, we have pans, and also free recipes and baking tips, and basically everything you need to start baking. Have fun and we hope it helps.”

By taking the second approach, you are now communicating with your audience in a way that actually makes them want to talk to you. They will like your company, your brand, and your products so much that when the time comes to buy, they will buy from you. And isn’t that every business’s dream?

Remember: traditional marketing is taking, but content marketing is giving. You’re going to communicate with your audience anyway, so why not be the brand that constantly gives instead of the one that constantly takes?

You can also check out our handy infographic below.

Introduction to content marketing, Indigo Media Labs

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