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What Your Christmas Advertising and Marketing is Missing

Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you’re a business. Here’s the catch, though: even though Christmas season is shopping season, there’s no guarantee that customers will spend their money on you.

Christmas advertising and marketing, if done right, will help boost your sales. To help you make the most out of your spend, we’ve rounded up valuable tips from WooThemes, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and MailChimp.

Here’s how to make sure that you catch your customers’ attention, delight them, and earn their business.

Be Useful – Provide Recommendations with a Holiday Guide (WooCommerce)

Catalogs are out, and online guides are in. According to WooCommerce, more than half of shoppers intend to buy their gifts online, and those buyers are going to need recommendations. The good news is, recommendations drive sales, so this is definitely a worthy investment.

What Your Christmas Advertising and Marketing is Missing
1962 Sears Christmas Book (Image: Todd Lappin)

The most successful guides are those that carry a hundred or more affordable products that customers can mix and match. A “look” or a “package” combining different items get a much better response than standalone products.

Customers are most likely to buy merchandise immediately after viewing your recommendations, so make sure that all your suggested items are in stock, don’t take a long time to ship, and don’t have additional fees.

Read more about creating an awesome holiday guide from WooCommerce. Learn more about how your ecommerce store can benefit from personalized recommendations.

Use Website Card Campaigns (Twitter)

Twitter offers brands a way of advertising that’s distinctly different from regular tweets. Where normal tweets give you 140 characters and a preview to the link or an image, Website Cards provide both of those plus an additional 70 characters and a call to action. On top of all that, it also allows you to show your websites’s URL.

What Your Christmas Advertising and Marketing is Missing
More options for customization (Image: Twitter)

You can choose from different formats depending on your campaign’s objective. After creating your ad, just select your target audience and set a budget, and then you can launch. To keep accurate tabs on your campaign performance, you can set up a website tag on your page.

Learn more about using Website Cards for your marketing campaign. Read more about creating effective holiday campaigns on Twitter.

Get Attention with Arresting Visuals – Use a Carousel Campaign (Instagram)

Since Instagram launched the service in June, carousel campaigns have provided an additional 2.5 point lift in ad recall over single-photo campaigns. And that’s just on average.

French brand L’Occitane partnered with Make Me Reach, a Facebook Marketing Partner, for a campaign that earned a 58% higher lift in conversion rate, compared to their single-photo link ads.

What Your Christmas Advertising and Marketing is Missing
More is more (Image: Instagram)

Now that Facebook has acquired Instagram, brands are able to use Facebook business tools (like their Ad Manager) on top of the tools that Instagram offers.

Read more about creating a carousel campaign from Instagram.

Optimize for Mobile (Facebook)

According to Facebook, close to half of online shopping traffic came from mobile. Even more telling of how important the mobile experience is: 56% of in-stores sales were influenced by mobile activity.

What Your Christmas Advertising and Marketing is Missing
More than half of in-stores sales are influenced by mobile activity (Image: Facebook)

While it’s true that the overwhelming majority of online shoppers will make a purchase on a desktop or a tablet, they will likely make first contact with your products on mobile. The crucial element is making sure that they remember you after they get off mobile and onto a desktop, so make sure you make a good first impression.

Make sure your ads look good on smaller screens. Keep your design clutter-free and centered around one thing. And of course: test, test, and test. Click through your ads to see if anything else can be improved, and test it on your friends and family as well.

Even better: you can shorten the sales process by enticing your customers to buy right there on their mobile devices. Give your customers a good experience and you will increase the chances of a purchase there.

Read more about holiday advertising on Facebook.

Email Works — So Use It! (MailChimp)

Old-fashioned and unglamorous as it may seem, email is still one of the most powerful marketing channels you can use to reach your audience. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email’s ROI is at a whopping 4,300%.

What Your Christmas Advertising and Marketing is Missing
Send lovely, customizable HTML email, easily (Image: screenshot of MailChimp homepage)

Why is this? Your customer’s inbox is their most personal and distraction-free space on the Internet, unlike social media.

Forget gimmicky subject lines — boring and straight-to-the-point works. Be friendly and personal, and limit your asks to two at the most. Make sure your call-to-action buttons are easy to spot. Also, do A/B testing: send different versions to your subscriber and see what works best.

Learn more about holiday email marketing from MailChimp.

What’s your holiday marketing strategy? How well is it working for you? Tell us in the comments below.

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