Why We’re Different

1. Content marketing focus

At Indigo Media Labs, we believe a solid content marketing plan is at the heart of any effective digital strategy.

Where most SEO agencies mostly focus on the technical bit, we prioritize the human element of your business: the customer. And while technical SEO is indispensable, content is still king. This is because you’re selling to people, not search engines. Optimizing your blog posts with well-researched keywords can only take you so far. Sure, your targeted audience will find you, but if your content isn’t interesting or useful, they won’t stay long enough to read. And make a purchase? Forget it.

To borrow from Charles Revson, founder of Revlon Cosmetics, “We make content, but we sell an experience”.

2. Nobody does content like we do

We take pride in creating beautiful, high-quality content that your audience (and soon-to-be customers) actually likes to consume. Our team of gifted storytellers come from journalism and film, and we apply those standards to every piece of content that we create. Your business deserves that and nothing less.

3. Business results focus

Ranking first is overrated. That’s right, we said it. Other SEO agencies can promise you high traffic and a spot on page one of search engine results. Maybe they can deliver. But what comes after that?

We’re a business too, which is why we understand that after all is said and done, what matters is how many sales you make, and not just how many people paid attention to you. We can talk all day about creating beautiful and attractive content, but if it doesn’t result in higher revenues, we’ve failed.

We don’t just make sure that you get found — we also make sure that they buy from you.

4. We don’t have secrets

You don’t hire us because we have “mystery techniques” that nobody else can do. Honestly, if you had time and motivation, you can do digital marketing on your own. All the knowledge you need is out there.

But why would you do that? You’re an entrepreneur and what you’re good at is running a business. You don’t have the time to run out and shoot a feature or sit down and write a blog post. We, on the other hand, have been doing that for a long time and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. So let’s make a deal. You run your business and we’ll take care of your marketing.

It’s a more efficient use of your resources and that’s just good sense, isn’t it?

5. We’re accountable

Here’s an offer: when you hire us, we’ll throw in a whole day of digital marketing basics so you and your team know exactly what you’re paying for.  We’ll explain what the numbers mean so you’ll always know if we’re bringing results or not.

Indigo Media Labs is a content-focused and data-driven digital marketing agency. Our strategies revolve around the lifeblood of your business: the customer. We create extremely high-quality content that builds trust, authority, and likeability for your brand. Ask us how we can help your business. We’d love to chat.